Ice Breakers Get Kids “Excited”

Ice breakers help kids get excited about being physically active.  The question is, what do we mean by "excited".  By excited we mean physically and mentally.

Physically everybody needs to get warmed up to participate in physically activity.  Children are no exception.  Ice breakers provide a fun way to get kids warmed up for the days activities.   The Ice breakers provide that initial "physical  excitement" that creates a fun engaging environment that allows the kids to move around.  Look at when these things are done..a.t the beginning.  What do you think kids want to do when they get to your training, listen to you?  NO…they want to move around and have fun…meaning get physically excited for the days activities.

Mentally kids need to get "excited" for the days activity.  Think about it, kids have had a long day at school, a long car ride over…they have energy.  But what kind of energy?  Is it energy to talk (sometimes) energy to mess around (sometimes) energy to argue (sometimes)…the list goes on.   WE want them to have energy to participate in the days sessions….in other words get "excited" to participate.  A way to get them excited is to get them all on the same page with a fun, organized, physical activity that brings them together and excited about being active.

Posted by Lee Hancock on March 31, 2010
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