We Work With Big Kids Too

Chivas USA (MLS) announced that the Competitive Athlete Training Zone, or CATZ, has been hired for the club’s Sports Performance Training and Physical Therapy, and will be represented on the technical staff by Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Liston.

“CATZ is a great organization, and Jim…

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Featured Drill: Possession Neutral Player

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AYSO National Coach, John Ouellette and CATZCoach


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Support the US Bid to Host the World Cup


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How to Login to Your CATZCoach.com Account


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CATZCoach.com Launches New Release

We are very to excited to launch the newest version of CATZCoach.com.  We have been hard at work all off-season making CATZCoach - Soccer the premiere resource for youth soccer coaches.  Not only did we do a complete overhaul of the user interface and technology used to deliver the highest-quality video instruction, we also continued to make the curriculum better.  Each and every practice…

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CATZCoach Signing Off From AYSO-NAGM


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I Just Agreed to Coach My Daughter’s Soccer Team, What Did I Do?

Does this scenario sound familiar.  Your eight year old daughter says to you, “Dad, I want to play soccer (that’s the good news)… and I want you to coach my team.”  The smile on your face from the excitement of her interest in soccer quickly turns to cold sweats and panic.  I don’t know anything about soccer you say to yourself.  I’ve never played…

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