CATZCoach Signing Off From AYSO-NAGM


Posted by Todd Ducharme on June 15, 2010 • 1 comments

Locking Our Ankle

This week, I want to emphasize the importance of teaching our young players to “lock their ankle” at the moment of contact with the ball.  Whether the player is dribbling, passing, juggling or shooting, it is critical that players “lock their ankle” to have consistent, quality touches with any of these skills.   There are two key positions we teach players to lock their…

Posted by Greg Vanney on June 10, 2010 • 8 comments

The New Rules of Kids’ Fitness


When an NBA star talks, kids listen. That's why more than 250 kids at a New Orleans school were hanging on Tyson Chandler's every word. But Chandler, the 7'1" center for the NBA Hornets, wasn't giving the standard "I always dreamed of playing pro ball" spiel. He was talking…

Posted by Jim Liston on June 08, 2010 • 1 comments